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Office of the Secretary General of the Judiciary Power

The Office of the Secretary General of the Judiciary Power supports the action of the governing and supervisory bodies of the Judiciary Power. It coordinates the action of the judicial administration. It provides advice and expertise in cross-cutting areas.




Place du Bourg-de-Four 1
1204 Genève

Contact details


8h30-12h / 13h30-17h30


8h30-12h / 13h30-17h

Mailing address

Secrétariat général du Pouvoir judiciaire
Case postale 3966
1211 Genève 3

Secretary General

  • SG_patrick_becker_003_b_web 2.png

    Mr. Patrick BECKER

    Secretary General

Competences and organization

The Secretary General of the Judiciary Power

The Secretary General fulfils, in substance, 3 missions. She or he:

  • Presides over the judicial administration and its staff.
  • Assists the Commission de gestion and the Conférence des président·e·s de juridiction in their activities, by sitting in an advisory capacity in these bodies and implementing their decisions.
  • Represents the Judiciary Power in institutional relations, maintaining in particular links with the State Chancellery and the General Secretariat of the Cantonal Parliament.

Supported by 3 Deputy Secretaries General, the Secretary General carries out his/her duties in close collaboration with the members of the Comité de direction, which he/she chairs, with the directors of courts or support services, as well as the Chancellery of the Office of the Secretary General.



The Chancellery prepares, organises and administratively manages the meetings of the governing and supervisory bodies of the Judiciary Power. It supports the Secretary General in his/her work and in his/her relations with the cantonal administration and the Cantonal Parliament.


Legal affairs

The Legal affairs Department provides the necessary legal advice to governing and management bodies (contracts, public contracts, collection, human resources, transparency). It handles the contentious matters, processes requests for access to the Judiciary Power’s documents and provides courts with advice on this matter. It carries out legislative monitoring, participates in legislative work and follows up on federal and cantonal consultations.


Projects and strategic planning Office

The project office develops and updates the project management method applicable to the Judiciary Power. It oversees its deployment and provides support and advice to project managers in courts and support directorates. It runs the major institutional projects. It monitors the project portfolio and the implementation of the multi-year strategic plan of the Judiciary Power.


Management control, internal control and risk management

Management control is responsible for the preparation of statistics relating to the activity of the Judiciary Power. It develops indicators and scoreboards to facilitate effective management of the courts and directorates.

Internal control and risk management ensure the identification of risks and the development of a risk reduction plan, in close collaboration with the courts and support directorates. It also promotes better control of work processes.


Health Unit

The mission of the Health Unit is to promote the well-being at work of staff members and magistrates and to ensure the efficient functioning of the institution by reducing and preventing absenteeism. It works closely with the Direction des ressources humaines and the management staff.

Patrick BECKER Secretary General
Jean-Martin DROZ Deputy Secretary General
Metihe MEHMETI Deputy Secretary General
Aline SOFER Deputy Secretary General
Gilda GRANDJEAN Legal affairs Director
Mina-Claire PRIGIONI Head of Chancellery
Caroline MANGE TIMIS Occupational doctor, in charge of the Health Unit