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The five strategic areas of focus that are guiding the action of the Judiciary Power

Every five years, the Commission de gestion du Pouvoir judiciaire draws up the strategic vision of the institution that guides its action for the next five years. These objectives and priorities provide the Geneva justice system with a direction to best meet the needs of litigants, lawyers, magistrates, employees, authorities and its partners.

These objectives, divided into five strategic areas of focus, define the vision and directions, but also the challenges that must be met and the means to achieve them. This is therefore a real roadmap.

Strategic areas of focus that are turning into real projects.

Provide quality services to users of the justice system (strategic area of focus A)

The strategic area of focus A aims to better serve the users of justice, litigants, lawyers or partners of the institution by providing them with quality services.

Several projects have already been initiated in this sense.

Some concrete examples:

  • The creation of a Greffe universel, a real reception and service desk, which provides information and facilitates the procedures of litigants, the public and lawyers.
  • The reform of the adult and child protection system which aims to personalize the care of persons under deputyship.
  • The implementation of measures encouraging the use of mediation as a tool for the amicable resolution of conflicts.

Promote professional development and fulfillment at work (strategic area of focus B)

The strategic area of focus B aims to create a framework conducive to the development of skills and career paths within the institution, so that everyone can fulfil his/her potential and evolve in his/her work.

  • Developing or encouraging new talents who represent the next generation, reinforcing managerial skills, protecting personality or promoting inclusion are all projects that make this possible.
  • At the same time, the Judiciary Power also wishes to support the magistrates in the exercise of their function to enable them to fulfil their mission in suitable framework conditions.

Provide magistrates with the organization, support and means necessary for the accomplishment of their mission (strategic area of focus C)

The strategic area of focus C includes several projects designed to provide technical tools and solutions to support their activity, but also to better assess the workload in order to determine the necessary support.

Improved planning and management of resources is another aspect, as is the encouragement of interactions and good practices to strengthen skills development.

Ensure that the Judiciary Power takes an active role in the heart of the city (strategic area of focus D)

Because the Judiciary Power wishes to promote the understanding of the functioning of justice and to open up, the Commission de gestion wanted in its area of focus D to develop projects designed to ensure that the Judiciary Power takes an active role in the heart of the city.

  • Whether it is by reinforcing exchanges with the public through events, surveys, adaptation of communication tools or by developing cooperation with its partners.
  • The project for the new courthouse will fully integrate this dimension as will the inclusion of the environmental impact.

Succeeding in the digital transition (strategic area of focus E)

The Judicial power is preparing for the digital transition of justice, with the Federal Council sharing a draft judicial communication platform act with the Federal Assembly in early 2023 to move to digital court records.

The Area of focus E is entirely dedicated to this transition. It is implemented by:

  • The eJudicial file project, led by the Judicial power at the cantonal level, is designed to   adapt its information system, work processes (by switching from a paper file to a digital file), magistrates' and staff’s workstations, courtrooms and the capacity of the Canton of Geneva to store electronic data in a secure manner. It also aims to put in place the organization and equipment necessary for the digitization of documents and the archiving of electronic court files.
  • The contribution of the Judicial power to the national project Justitia 4.0, conducted under the auspices of the Conference of Justice and the Conference of Cantonal Justice and Police Directors, aims in particular to create an electronic communication and consultation platform (Justitia.Swiss).