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Electronic communication

Since January 1, 2011, electronic communication in criminal and civil proceedings is possible between the parties and the judicial authorities of the State of Geneva.

E-mail addresses of the instances

Please note that these e-mail addresses are to be used only for secure exchanges.

Instance E-mail of the instance
Legal aid E-mail
Commission de conciliation en matière de baux et loyers E-mail
Cour de justice Cour civile E-mail
Cour de justice Cour pénale E-mail
Cour de justice Cour de droit public 
Chambre des assurances sociales
(authorized electronic communication before the CJCAS only for the reasons given in the CPC (art. 18A para. 6 LPA))
Tribunal des prud'hommes E-mail
Justice of the peace E-mail
Public Prosecutor's Office E-mail
Tribunal de première instance E-mail
Tribunal de protection de l'adulte et de l'enfant E-mail
Tribunal des baux et loyers E-mail
Tribunal des mineurs E-mail
Tribunal pénal E-mail