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Access to sites and courtrooms of the Judiciary Power

Prepare your visit to the Judiciary Power. Get practical information and the access maps to help you find your way around.

General access map to the sites of the Judiciary Power




Persons with reduced mobility


Specific access points have been designed to accommodate special needs.

  • Courthouse – bldg. A, B, C, G and H – place du Bourg-de-Four 1

Access to the Courthouse for persons with reduced mobility is through the St-Antoine door entrance, rue des Chaudronniers 9.

An interphone for assistance is also available at the bottom of the stairs of the Bourg-de-Four 1 door.

Plan d'accès pour les personnes à mobilité réduite


  • Tribunal des mineurs – bldg. F – rue des Chaudronniers 7

Contact the security centre


  • Public Prosecutor's Office – bldg. S – route de Chancy 6B

The main entrance of the Public Prosecutor's Office, at ground level, is accessible for persons with reduced mobility.


  • Tribunal administratif de première instance – bldg. L – rue Ami-Lullin 4

The main entrance of the Administrative Court of first instance, at ground level, is accessible for persons with reduced mobility.


  • Tribunal des prud'hommes – bldg. M – boulevard Helvétique 27

The main entrance of the Tribunal des prud'hommes, at ground level, is accessible for persons with reduced mobility.


  • Cour de justice – bldg. Y – rue de Saint-Léger 10

Contact the security centre


  • Tribunal de protection de l'adulte et de l'enfant – bldg. U – rue des Glacis de Rive 6

The main entrance is accessible by means of a man-lift.


  • Tribunal Civil – bldg. R – rue de l’Athénée 8

The main entrance is accessible by means of a man-lift.

Other areas open to the public

  • Opening hours of the buildings

Security desk

  • Directorates and instances

Please refer to the section corresponding to the relevant directorate or instance.

Information available from the security desk.

Internet and wifi


Visitors can have free access to the internet in the buildings of the Judiciary Power (wifige).

Please follow the measures to ensure order in court regarding the use of your mobile phone.

Drink vending machines


All buildings and most waiting rooms have vending machines for snacks and drinks.
They are operated with coins.


You can bring your medical certificate with you or simply tell the security guard.

As a visitor, whether or not you have been summoned to a hearing, no documents are required.

On the other hand, personnel of companies and service providers of the Judiciary Power must have prior authorization and present an identity document (see Conditions of access for companies and service providers).

Yes, security will hold dangerous prohibited items such as Swiss knives or authorized means of defence (pepper spray, etc.) at the entrance and return them at the exit. Illegal or prohibited items will be seized and the police will be notified immediately.

Yes, there are lockers for certain prohibited, non-hazardous items such as helmets or thermoses. These lockers are available to visitors (subject to availability).

Please note: bags or luggage are not allowed in the lockers and must be kept with you. Light means of transportation (skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, bicycles, etc.) are not allowed in the lockers, nor at the entrances to the Judiciary Power sites.

If you have a complaint or remark, please contact us by e-mail.

The various instances of the Judiciary Power are spread over some fifteen buildings. All sites are accessible by public transport. To plan your visit, please consult the page for the instance or department concerned.

No, it is not possible to park in front of the Judiciary Power buildings. You must use the public parking areas or public transportation.

See also

Direction des opérations logistiques, immobilières et financières

The mission of the Direction is to provide an appropriate and efficient solution to the needs of the instances and directorates of the Judiciary Power in the areas of logistical and real estate operations, safety and security, financial services, as well as the management of large-scale real estate projects and, consequently, relations with the Office Cantonal des Bâtiments.

Security safeguard

Take note of some practical information related to the security of the Judiciary Power.

Greffe universel

The Greffe universel is a reception office for lawyers, litigants and the public.