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Public law branch

Public law courts have jurisdiction to issue a final decision concerning disputes arising between private individuals and cantonal or communal administrative authorities, autonomous corporations under public law and institutions under private law vested with state prerogatives.

Schematic illustration of the public law branch

In doing so, the public law courts ensure control over the decisions issued by the administration.

Understanding the civil law branch through a video

Public law justice: The divisive garage

Clément wishes to build a garage on his plot. His neighbor objected. A building permit is granted to Clément by the administration. An appeal is lodged and a procedure before the court starts.
The public law justice system mainly decides on appeals by private individuals against decisions taken by the administration.

See also

Tribunal administratif de première instance

The Tribunal administratif de première instance decides on public law disputes.

Chambre administrative

As the highest appeal authority in administrative matters, the Chambre administrative de la Cour de justice settles, on appeal, disputes arising between the various State services (or municipalities) and private individuals.

Chambre des assurances sociales

The Chambre des assurances sociales rules on appeals against decisions in social insurance matters as well as on claims for payment in matters of occupational benefit schemes and the Health insurance Act. (LAMal - RS 832.10). It also rules on appeals against judgments of the Tribunal administratif de première instance in matters of complementary insurance to the accident insurance.

Chambre constitutionnelle

The Chambre constitutionnelle reviews on appeal the conformity of cantonal norms with higher law. It deals with disputes relating to the exercise of political rights in cantonal and communal matters and decides on conflicts of jurisdiction between authorities.