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Tribunal des mesures de contrainte

The Tribunal des mesures de contrainte orders or authorises the compulsory measures requested by the Public Prosecutor's Office with a view to securing evidence, ensuring the presence of the defendant during the proceedings and guaranteeing the execution of the final decision.




Rue des Chaudronniers 9
Building H

1204 Genève

Contact details

For legal agents only, in connection with the Tribunal des mesures de contrainte proceedings:

Mailing address

Tribunal des mesures de contrainte
Case postale 3715
1211 Genève 3

Presidency and Directorate


Mrs. Joëlle LAICH



The main ordered compulsory measures are:

  • Remand and its extension
  • Preventive detention
  • Post and telecommunications surveillance
  • Surveillance of banking transactions
  • Undercover investigation

The Tribunal des mesures de contrainte is also responsible for the removal of the official seals.


The Tribunal des mesures de contrainte sits in a closed session and in the presence of a single judge.

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