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A little bit of history

This chapter attempts, in a very brief manner, to shed light on the history of the Geneva Judiciary Power, its jurisdictions and services, its magistrates, as well as on the issues pertaining to the field of justice.

The Courthouse through the ages

History of the Geneva Judiciary Power

Follow the guide! Take a tour of the Courthouse and its emblematic rooms through the ages and through the eyes of their contemporary visitors.

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« From witches to robots » exhibition

« Justice and democracy: from witches to robots”, an exhibition proposed by the Judicial power which looks back at six centuries of evolution of the society, justice and democracy.

Audio commentaries are available on certain leaflets, so all you have to do is take your smartphone and "flash" the QR-codes there.


History of the Geneva Judiciary Power

During the summer of the year 2001, the Cantonal Chancellery proposed a special series devoted to Geneva’s history and institutions, in particular the Judicial Power.

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