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Rules for the use of social media

Special conditions

All comments are read by the Judicial Power’s staff members who are responsible for managing these social media. The Judicial Power reserves the right not to publish comments if they do not comply with the rules set out herein.


The following are prohibited and are systematically unpublished:

  • Defamatory, obscene or discriminatory statements based on race, sex, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, etc., as well as those inciting to hatred or violence.
  • Publications that are offensive, rude or that infringe copyright.
  • Repetition of identical or particularly similar publications. In addition, advertising messages, classified ads or messages containing telephone or postal contact details, will be systematically deleted.
  • Publications which aim to discredit other comments and publications with no constructive purpose.

Internet users who repeatedly fail to comply with these rules may be excluded from the page.


The Judicial Power invites the participants to:

  • Show respect and courtesy. Comments that are not easily understood will not be accepted.
  • Respond to publications with comments corresponding to the original subject. The Judicial Power reserves the right to delete reactions that have no connection with the raised subject matter.

The Judicial Power is not responsible for the external links proposed in the comments.