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Comité de direction

The Comité de direction supports the Secretary General in his/her task of steering, coordinating and monitoring the activities of the judicial administration. It is responsible for the management and follow-up of institutional and cross-cutting projects. It participates in the preparation of the files handled by the Commission de gestion du Pouvoir judiciaire and the implementation of its decisions.




Place du Bourg-de-Four 1
1204 Genève

Contact details

Mailing address

Comité de direction
Secrétariat général du Pouvoir judiciaire
Case postale 3966
1211 Genève 3


The Comité de direction:

  • Draws up the multiannual financial planning and draft budgets (operating costs and investments) submitted to the Commission de gestion du Pouvoir judiciaire, in particular by examining and evaluating proposals from the jurisdictions and support directorates.
  • Draws up draft policies on human resources, information systems, logistics, security and communication.
  • Establishes the risk mapping project, the risk reduction plans and monitors their implementation.
  • Determines the scorecards or the indicators useful for the conduct of the Judiciary Power and carries out their periodic review.
  • Evaluates and prioritises the Judiciary Power's institutional and cross-cutting projects, taking particular account of their alignment with the strategic plan and risk reduction plans.
  • Oversees the proper conduct of projects in the Judiciary Power's project portfolio.
  • Ensures the consistency and coordination of the actions of the juridiction directorates and support directorates.

Organization and membership

The Comité de direction meets twice a month and is composed of the Secretary-General, who chairs the meeting, two deputy secretary general, the human resources director and the information systems director. It is assisted in its work by the head of the chancellery, who participates in its meetings in an advisory capacity.

Members of the Comité de direction

Patrick BECKER Secretary General
Vacant Deputy Secretary General
Jean-Martin DROZ Deputy Secretary General
Aline SOFER Deputy Secretary General
Catherine VERNIER Human resources Director
Rémi CHAUDIER Information systems Director
Mina-Claire PRIGIONI (in an advisory capacity) Head of the Chancellery