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Direction des finances

The mission of the Direction des finances is to coordinate multi-year financial planning as well as the preparation of the draft annual budget and to ensure its follow-up. It is also responsible for keeping the ongoing accounting of the Judiciary Power and for ensuring the correct use of the financial means allocated by the political authorities.




Place du Bourg-de-Four 1
1204 Genève

Contact details


Opening hours
Emergencies at the Financial Services Desk (securities/guarantees, seizures, urgent interim measures): 14h-17h

Financial Services

Bill collection

Accepted payment methods:

Cash, credit/debit cards (Postcard, Maestro, Vpay, Mastercard & Visa, Twint)

The payment of the slips are not allowed at the desk.

Mailing address

Services financiers
Case postale 3675
1211 Genève 3

Bill collection


Mrs. Metihe MEHMETI
Deputy Secretary General


Strategic financial management

The financial expertise unit:

  • Develops the four-year financial plan (PFQ) and the ten-year investment plan (PDI).
  • Develops and monitors the institution's annual budget.
  • Closes the annual accounts and prepares the annual financial report.
  • Carries out specific financial analyses and monthly financial reports for internal management and governance bodies.
  • Represents the Judiciary Power within the State of Geneva and with various external entities in the areas that concern it.

Accounting management

The Financial Services are mainly involved in the following areas:

  • Collection of payments from litigants (invoices, fees, etc.)
  • Payment of service provider invoices
  • Recovery of the Judiciary Power's debts (except in the criminal branch)
  • Rental deposit
  • Accounting for all instances

Financial internal oversight

The financial internal oversight unit:

  • Ensures that the accounts are correctly handled.
  • Maintains an internal financial oversight system adapted to the institution's structure.
  • Carries out regular and ad hoc internal operational financial oversight actions as required.
  • Prepares regular oversight reports for the Direction des finances and the institution's management bodies.


The Direction des finances led by its director comprises:

  • A financial expertise unit
  • The Financial Services of the Judiciary Power
  • A financial internal oversight unit


The desk of the financial services  is open from Monday to Friday from 9h to 12h.

For emergencies such as ex-parte interim measures, securities and seizures, the desk is also open from 14h to 17h.

Some payments can be made at the desks of the Tribunal de première instance and of the Public Prosecutor's Office

You must wait for a payment slip to be issued by the Contraventions Service.

To obtain a payment arrangement (extension of the deadline, payment by instalments), you can go to the Contraventions Service with the payment slip, your last tax assessment, your last salary slip and all the documents supporting your expenses.

Service des contraventions
Chemin de la Gravière 5, 1227 Les Acacias
T. +41 22 427 51 70

You should write to the Financial Services of the Judiciary Power by attaching a copy of the decision mentioning the return of the funds, a copy of your identity card and by indicating your bank or postal address.

You will receive a referenced payment slip to use for the payment of costs.

You can request a payment arrangement from the financial services by mail or by e-mail.

You can find all the information on the steps to take with the Financial Services in the thematic guide Rental deposit.

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