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If there is a problem between neighbours, a conflict in a divorce, a dispute at work or with the administration, mediation is an alternative to legal proceedings.

Mediation is a process for the amicable resolution of a conflict in which a third person (the mediator), without bias, intervenes with the parties to bring them back into dialogue and seek a solution to their dispute themselves. Mediation can play a role between 2 people when the relationship is degraded and when communication between them is no longer possible.

Professional mediators, who are neither judges nor arbitrators, offer an occasion for communication and exchange to all those confronted with a conflict situation.

You have had a bad experience, disagreement or conflict with a cantonal or communal administration or another public body in Geneva? To obtain advice or request mediation, you can appeal to the cantonal Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman does not have jurisdiction to examine a case that is the subject of ongoing legal proceedings or that has been previously legally settled, unless the case is suspended for amicable settlement before him/her.

See also

Criminal mediation

Criminal mediation is a process whereby the public prosecutor in charge of the case appoints a mediator.